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General Rules


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Jan 24, 2018
The following lines contain the rules that apply to the entire server and all of it's services, if not specified otherwise.

Do not promote anything that is not related to & hosted by 'Mystery Raid Cabal' & 'CNC Cabal'.

Content within this board has to be about 'Mystery Raid Cabal' & 'CNC Cabal' and/or 'Cabal Online' in general.
Mentioning / talking about other servers is not allowed by any means.
Copies from any text and/or images created by this very community,
may always be followed by visible backlinks to the source.

In order to guarantee the delivery of our virtual currency 'eCoins',
donations have to be done whilst the server is online.
I do not accept donations while there's any ongoing server downtime no matter the reason.
Please be aware, that there is no refunding - submit your donation/s carefully.

Events have their own set of rules specified, there are however a few general ones.
You may only participate once within the same event,
submitting multiple entries and/or accounts/characters or whatsoever in order to
receive multiple rewards, is not being tolerated.
Also, continuously ignoring event specific rules, may lead to a punishment, too.

Guild Threads
Only the guild's leader may submit a guild thread.
You and only you are responsible for keeping your guild's thread up to date.
The thread has to include the guildmaster's character name and the name of the guild.

Hacking / 3rd-Party Software
The use of hacks, and/or 3rd-party software in general is strictly prohibited.
Once caught, there is no getting away with it.
Making use of 3rd-party software/macros to get an unfair advantage towards legitimate players,
is not tolerated at all.

You are allowed to use macros only if either of the following conditions apply:
a) You're within a solo-instance (dungeon that can not be accessed by anyone in addition to your very self)
b) If it is used for nothing other than key-pressing that is required for retargeting (Battle Mode 2 - Blader/Warrior/Force Shielder/Force Blader) Normal Attack only!
Attacks that affect the actual hosting from any of our services,
will get your personal information directed to them,
in order to take action against the illegal activities.

Inappropriate Behaviour
Insults, Flame, Spam in any places that are visible for staff, results in a punishment.
You may use the block function in order to get rid of inappropriate behaviour coming from other members.
Feel free to submit a report with a link to the source (if from this board) or screenshot if from ingame,
there will be a punishment once we receive more reports targeting the same person.

When using private communication, such as private messaging/whisper function/s,
you may use whatever language you like.
But once you are going to submit your message visible to more than just your guild members,
private message participant/s or party - make sure you are writing in a fairly understandable english.

Marketplace / Trading
The marketplace is to be considered an extended version of the auction house that is available ingame.
You may trade with ingame- items/currency only, make sure to keep your post up to date,
update your post once the trade was done.
You are not allowed to trade with any items/currency that do not belong to 'Mystery Raid Cabal' & 'CNC Cabal'.

Make sure you can provide solid evidence of violation/s of rules before submitting a report.
Accusations are being ignored, there is Staff for frequent player checks.
False-reports and continuous accusations may be punished.

We do not return any items or currency that was being scammed,
the amount of currency one can give via a single trade is definitely high enough for any trade
to be completed via trading just once.
If you got scammed, you may report the scammer however,
so there won't be any getting away with it.

Technical Support
Please give us as much detail as possible,
the more we know about the issue - the faster we can respond to it & hopefully help you out.


Staff will never ask for, nor require your account information.
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