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  1. XenoX

    New Weapons & Ruina Station Revamp

    The set of weapons has also been added to the server, please use the launcher to retrieve updates accordingly, so that there won't be visual differences. Lycanus' Weapons have been changed to: Raider's (Orb/Katana etc etc) Ruina Station has been revamped (Hardcore - High Damage!) You can find...
  2. XenoX

    New Set & Lake in Dusk Revamp (Buffed!)

    Dear Mystery Raiders, the Raider's Set has been added, together with epaulets accordingly. The set is visually and option wise based on 'Drei Frame'. You can *not* loot it inside 'Maquinas Outpost' however. You may find the new set parts within 'Lake in Dusk'. That being said, the set parts...
  3. XenoX

    Hello bro xenox

    I am not quite sure what you're trying to say there, the server is being worked on somewhat constantly. There's nothing hardcore about it at all.
  4. XenoX

    Owner, please help !

    Did you confirm your e-mail?
  5. XenoX

    Wall hacker !

    Dear @lbau001 , I'm afraid the screenshots lack visual evidence for any rule Violation. To avoid improper punishment(s), I'd like to ask you to provide something more detailed next time. Thanks for the Report however and have a nice day.
  6. XenoX


    Thanks for the report, I've banned "Yongpal" from the game.
  7. XenoX

    Owner, please help !

    You may ignore that, the website shows that to everyone.
  8. XenoX

    Donation Event List (May)

    Single Recharge Bonuses: Monday-Tuesday: 25€: Voucher (5.000) x2 Mystery Force Ribbon x2.500 50€: Voucher (5.000) x5 Mystery Force Ribbon x10.000 100€: Voucher (5.000) x15 Mystery Force Ribbon 50.000 Wednesday-Thursday: 25€: X-Gen Card (Character - NOT BOUND) x1 Rename Card (Character - NOT...
  9. XenoX

    Mystery Lion

    Dear Mystery Raiders, I would like to announce the start of the Mystery Lion event. 3 lions will spawn hourly, on each map. The difficulty of each depends on the level (map) - the Senilinea one(s) being the strongest. Now to the drop list! Mystery Force Ribbon x10~100 Pet Untrain Kit (Option...
  10. XenoX

    Ugly forum theme

    No. #Topic closed Sincerely, XenoX
  11. XenoX

    Ugly forum theme

    Dear Yamachi, I am sorry for hurting your eyes, your fiancée's eyes and feelings from the two of you. Rest assured, that I will make sure to apply adjustments to it however to make it look even shittier. Sincerely, XenoX
  12. XenoX

    Perfect then.

    Perfect then.
  13. XenoX

    Without a way out.

    Without a way out.
  14. XenoX

    Server Revamp #1

    You may now farm some ribbons from regular monsters in Forgotten Temple B1F. Note that the last Orca drops up to 225 of them at once. Regular mobs drop x5 stacks. Also fixed the R/G/B Key drops.
  15. XenoX

    New Set of Weapons and Armor incoming...

    New Set of Weapons and Armor incoming...
  16. XenoX

    Mystery-Raid Cabal Server Banner Creation

    I like 'em both somewhat equally, I appreciate the effort and shall reward the two of you.
  17. XenoX

    Server Revamp #1

    The server is back online. Stat points have been reduced to 5.000 total, no matter if new character or an old one. Stat points are fully effective again in TG. AMP and ALL AMP from slots has been reduced - crafted is not affected. More to come.
  18. XenoX

    Upcoming Server Changes

    First post updated.
  19. XenoX

    Dungeon Drop List (Part 1/2) - Awaiting Update

    Drop list completes with the next (2nd) dungeon drop update(!) -Drops possibly with up to 2 slots filled -Crafts very likely to be 20% CD/ 10% Amp Lake in Dusk Regular Monsters -Aqua Orb/Crystal -Shadowtitanium Weapons Sub-Bosses -Shadowtitanium Set Parts Ruin of Dusk -Shadowtitanium Epaulet...
  20. XenoX

    It may be a hard path to walk, but it's definitely worth it. Big improvements are coming, and...

    It may be a hard path to walk, but it's definitely worth it. Big improvements are coming, and nothing's gonna stop it.