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  1. XenoX

    Mystery Raid [Medium] Server

    As the majority of CNC players already knows, I'm planning to replace the server with a base of Mystery Raid itself. However, the server itself will remain medium-rated, so the only actual difference is going to be in how fast you progress (and some of the "op" contents may not make it into the...
  2. XenoX

    Top Voter (Oct. 2018)

    This month's reward table: Rank 1: 10.000 eCoins + Blessing Bead - Plus (30 Days) Rank 2: 7.500 eCoins + Blessing Bead - Plus (15 Days) Rank 3: 5.000 eCoins + Blessing Bead - Plus (7 Days) Rank 4-10: 2.500 eCoins + Blessing Bead - Plus (3 Days) Thanks for your votes and have fun!
  3. XenoX

    Halloween - Triple [3x] eCoin

    All the eCoins shown on the website's donation table will be multiplied by 3 when sending them, which means - you get 3 times more from your donations. Buying 10.000 eCoins gives you 30.000, and so on! As addition to that: The blessing bead - plus (30 days) costs only 25€ during this offer...
  4. XenoX

    Mystery Halloween Event 2018

    Dear Mystery-Raiders, the Halloween Event 2018 is getting closer with every day passing, as a little pre-event bonus, the lions have been activated, to give you all a chance of warming up for the hunting, farming and gambling that is upcoming. What awaits you this year? There will be 3 stages...
  5. XenoX

    [Upcoming] T-Point Gain/Shop & Blessing Bead - Plus

    Dear Mystery-Raiders, the T-Point currency will become a 'premium currency' and have a few changes applied to it, as listed down below. 1. T-Point Gain - Blessing Bead - Plus is required in order to receive any T-Points at all - Blessing Bead - Plus can currently be found from Arcane Golem of...
  6. XenoX

    [Beginner Friendly] Mystery Lions

    Dear Mystery Raiders, the Lions are back, for the sake of the good old times, I've re-activated them (locations to be found from YUL's event description). You may get some goods from them, no matter if old or new member, from upgrade items to lower grade (yet pretty powerful) mercenaries...
  7. XenoX

    Illusion Castle - Radiant Hall Revamp

    Dear Mystery-Raiders, the Illusion Castle - Radiant Hall has been revamped & got some new drops added to it. Besides the Demonite drops from chests, there is a chance of getting Blessing Bead - Plus for 1-3 hours. You may also get the Argu's / Sanctuary's Bracelets from the Optional Drosnin's...
  8. XenoX

    Grand Opening

    Dear Members, I'd like to announce the Grand (Re)-Opening of the server CNCabal. The server has had a rough time of a massive downtime, but thanks to the cooperation from the staff, which I decided to keep after taking the ownership of the server, we have made a very decent progress within a...
  9. XenoX


  10. XenoX

    [Donation] Desert Dragon (Unique) & Nightmare 50% Off!

    Dear Mystery-Raiders, starting from now, the Desert Dragon (Unique) & Nightmare are being sold for 50% less. The event lasts until the 23rd of Sep. 2018 [11:59PM] Server Time, which is the end of this very week. Event Pricing: Desert Dragon (Unique) - Original Cost: 50€ / Event Cost: 25€...
  11. XenoX

    Seek help

    Either through launcher or take the patch from the latest announcement regarding updates (thread). There's a link.
  12. XenoX

    Seek help

    This is a sample of an outdated client.
  13. XenoX

    Open the Options.CFG with Notepad/Editor, and change every "1" there to "0", save changes, close...

    Open the Options.CFG with Notepad/Editor, and change every "1" there to "0", save changes, close - restart the client.
  14. XenoX

    New (Additional) Server - Infos

    Dear Mystery Raiders, I'd like to announce that there's another server joining our community. The server has yet to open, & has also been announced quite a bit ago (testing phase). Please note that the server takes quite a lot of my attention for the time being, as the players are waiting for...
  15. XenoX

    Staff Applications & Requirements

    Dear CNC'ers, here you may apply for becoming part of CNC's Staff. First of, there's a few things you should know about in advance (requirements): Activity -I myself require you to show activity not only within the game, but also in discord and preferably even in the forum. -You should also...
  16. XenoX

    Top Voters (Sep., 2018)

    Dear Mystery Raiders, here's what awaits the top 10 voters of this month: Rank #1 -Receives 1x Desert Dragon (Unique) - No binding/Can be sold Rank #2 -Receives 1x Desert Dragon (Epic) - No binding/Can be sold Rank #3 -Receives 1x Desert Dragon (Rare) - No Binding/Can be sold Rank #4 - #10...
  17. XenoX

    Season 4 (Ultima) Update Part 5/6

    Manual Patch link added
  18. XenoX

    Random screenshots

  19. XenoX

    Season 4 (Ultima) Update Part 5/6

    A few more screens
  20. XenoX

    Double eCoin Event

    Note: This event is active till the 31st of Aug. 2018, only! Donations done through the website will grant twice as many eCoins than the values shown on the website. Means that 5eu will give 20k eCoins, 10eu will give 40k, etcetera. #ThanksForYourSupport #HaveFun