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  1. XenoX

    Some neat events are coming!~

    Some neat events are coming!~
  2. XenoX

    Coming Soon Illusion Castle Underworld, Runes, Mercenary Box & More

    Dear Mystery Raiders, another mini update awaits you, and here's what comes: Runes -Runes get 5 additional levels added to them Illusion Castle Underworld - Revamp -Mobs get boosted -New drops Entry Items -Alz pricing from regular entries gets reduced More Boosted Mercenaries -There will be...
  3. XenoX

    Update Mini Update (NPC's, Mercenaries & Pets)

    Dear Mystery Raiders, -Dungeon Entry Items can now be purchased in Bloody Ice, from Mr. Penguin (Dungeon Master). -The entry item cost has been increased. -A universal shop (supports Alz, WExp, DP & eCoin currency) for usables has been added to Port Lux (location shown down below). -A...
  4. XenoX

    Announcement Single & Party Dungeon Record - Rewards

    Dear Mystery Raiders, from now on, there'll be weekly rewards for single & party dungeon records. First of all, dungeon records now refresh every 10 minutes, just to make it easier to get to know your latest dungeon clear times. Rewards will be sent & records wiped, during every Monday...
  5. XenoX

    Update Season 4 (Ultima) Update Part 4/6

    Manual Patch for those who can't use the Updater/Launcher: https://mega.nz/#!1EphhDbK!O_TfMTum9blDlkmLF9VMGk1GttHCDt1Z-LBe4KKcOrs Dear Mystery Raiders, I'd like to announce the upcoming part 4/6 from the Ultima Update. Here's what the upcoming update includes: 1. Resource Boosts & DX Dungeon...
  6. XenoX

    Random screenshots

    Just gonna drop some screens here from things that randomly occur along applying updates or whatever, feel free to drop one or another, yourself. :unsure::coffee::giggle: Gonna start with Nodaka's work place upgrade, which would probably be the best sample of randomness. Note that the things...
  7. XenoX

    Finished Triple eCoin Event

    Dear Mystery Raiders, the amounts of eCoins you gain per donation for the next 7 days (starting from now, 3rd of August, 2018 till 10th of August, 2018), get's increased by x3! So if you pick ie 10.000 eCoins for 5€, you get 30.000 eCoins for 5€ instead, etcetera. And on top of that, every 5€...
  8. XenoX

    Update Season 4 (Ultima) Update Part 3/6

    Dear Mystery Raiders, the Ultima Set is ready to rumble! You may gather the set parts (RARE!!!) from the Legendary (last) Chest in Abandoned City (Solo & Party Dungeon in Arcane Trace - Center). The weapons however drop from the last chest from Ruina Station (Fort Ruina). This patch also fixes...
  9. XenoX

    Finished Double Item Donation Event

    Resource reward amounts have been increased.
  10. XenoX

    Finished Double Item Donation Event

    Event lasts till the 5th of Aug. 2018 How it works: Pick an item you'd like to purchase, and get it x2. (You have to PM me with the item(s) you want, along with the donation needed for them). -Each offer listed here can only be used max. 10 times per player! Available Items: Mystery Force...
  11. XenoX

    Update Season 4 (Ultima) Update Part 2/6

    Dear Mystery Raiders, today's update contains the following change(s): 1. Star Dust -Event Girl YUL can make use of these, and offers some goods in return. -The shop will get additions over time(!) #Star Dust can be found in Senilinea, by killing the Map Bosses & Ultima Chests 2. Ultima Chest...
  12. XenoX

    Update Season 4 (Ultima) Update Part 1/6

    Dear Mystery Members, as the title of the thread states, this is only part 1/6 from what awaits you during season 4 on Mystery Raid. The current update includes: Ultima Belt +1 - +15 (available from Event Girl YUL in Green Despair), Ultima Stone (available from the daily quest "Art of Ultima"...
  13. XenoX

    Finished Single Recharge & Total Recharge Event (Donation Event)

    Event has been extended till the 31st of July, 2018.
  14. XenoX

    Update Season 3 Update 1 Part 1

    Gear drop rate has been optimized for: EoD B3F, EoD B3F Part 2, FT 2, AFT2 You should now get mostly max craft items.
  15. XenoX

    Finished Single Recharge & Total Recharge Event (Donation Event)

    Start/End Dates are both according to the server's time! Event Start: 4th of July, 2018 Event End: 31st of July, 2018 The following items will be given additionally to the regular donation reward(s) Single Recharge (spent within a single donation): 10€ -eCoin Voucher (5.000 eC) x2 20€...
  16. XenoX

    Update Season 3 Update 1 Part 1

    Due an unexpected error, the server has crashed and forced the update to be applied a bit earlier. As I wasn't quite done yet, here's what's been changed: -Palladium has been replaced by Raider's Set Parts & Weapons -Bike Shop has been completed (complete RW3's and PW5's) -Lake in Dusk does...
  17. XenoX

    Finished Comeback Event

    Congratulations go to ~ RageKill! Thanks to everyone for submitting your screenshots, to those who didn't win ~ better luck next time! Your reward will be sent via private message.
  18. XenoX

    [Revamped] Raider's Set Returns!

    Dear Mystery Raiders, the Raider's Set returns to us, however, it has different stats now. Note that Raider's weapons are not yet available. Requires Honor Rank 20! [/SPOILER] The equipment can be found at the following place(s): -Lake in Dusk Set Parts: All bosses Epaulets: Zigdris...
  19. XenoX

    [Upcoming] Mystery Raid Season 3 - Mythical Hunt

    Dear Mystery Raiders, Mystery Raid has officially come to Season 3, which is going to include a variety of changes. One of the changes will be the "Mythical Hunt" update. Once applied, you will be able to collect special items from dungeons and world bosses (according to the difficulty). The...