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Grand Opening

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Jan 24, 2018
Dear Members,​
I'd like to announce the Grand (Re)-Opening of the server CNCabal.​
The server has had a rough time of a massive downtime, but thanks to the cooperation from the staff, which I decided to keep after taking the ownership of the server,​
we have made a very decent progress within a short amount of time.​
However, shortening the progress for an earlier uptime, does come with restrictions, which are listed down below:​
1. Archridium Set Parts are currently available only from the daily Arcane Golem of Rage, which spawns in Channel 5 (Arcane Trace) at 08:00 PM Server Time.​
2. Dungeons above Maquinas Outpost, except a few specific dungeons, will come over time - IC1 Awakened, Glacial Inferno, Awakened Hazardous Valley are the exceptions (Chaos Arena 1-6 & Chaos Infinity join late, too).​
3. Skill & TG Balance are done during the uptime and to be adjusted over time (players are needed for that). - The TG is pretty basic, so you should not have any problems as you power up fairly quickly due set effects and such.​
Basic Informations about the server:
Exp: 2000%
Skill Exp: 2000%
Craft Exp: 100%
Drop Rate: 400%
Alz Bomb Drop Rate: 100%
Alz Rate: 100%
Pet Exp Rate: 100%
War Exp: 1000%

You start with an edited Aramid Set Layout, and a few other things on top (check the website for the details, as it contains the entire starter inventory's informations). - The K-Red however is no longer a part of it(!)
You may purchase Osmium Set Parts for a low amount of Alz (50.000.000) from the Starter Gear NPC in Desert Scream.
Bloody Ice, Desert Scream (Various), Green Despair (YUL), Port Lux (1) and Fort Ruina (1) have some custom NPC's(!)

-Premium %'s add up to this (view the informations ingame to check the exact values, as it may differ over time).

-Blessing Bead (Ultimate) gives a massive overall boost to the game, view the donation informations from the server for more infos.

The general drops are heavily based on the official EP8 drop table - with customized additions on top, such as Enchant Safeguards, Upgrade Cores, Force Cores, Core Superior, Special Inventory Token (Sealed) [Exchangeables].
Map bosses have unique drops, and the last chest of every dungeon (or Zigdris Faello, as for Lake in Dusk) can drop an AMP scroll (Very(!) Rarely(!!!).
-This goes only for regular dungeons, not for arenas, dx or general instant dungeons.

There are 2 types of Nation War, the regular one (every 4 hours, (0,4,8,12,16,20) and a boosted one (higher score gain, higher wexp gain - essential for the Bringer title) once â week (sat, 8 PM)).
Also, there are 2 time-based bosses:
1.Channel 6: Vikalitan of Golden Sunset (Lakeside) - Every Sunday at 05:00 PM Server Time
2.Channel 5: Arcane Golem of Rage (Arcane Trace) - Every Day at 07:00 PM Server Time

Every currency is valuable, WExp, DP, Alz, eCoins, they all can get you somewhere, without relying too much on one of them, and you are always able to get your hands on each of them.
The server has a variety of dungeons ready to be added in future, both the Palladium and Demonite set will be added over time - as you progress to / reach the current limits with your characters (careful content upgrades).
We'd like to keep this server in a very solid, stable way - which means that over time, not only the ingame content, but also the hosting itself will be upgraded, mShield will be attached, a new website and many other things
are to be expected to come over time.
If neither of that has gotten into your list of things to do before dying, then you sure should check it out and change that.
The server's grand opening takes place tomorrow, the 21st of September, 2018.
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