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Mystery Raid [Medium] Server

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Jan 24, 2018
As the majority of CNC players already knows, I'm planning to replace the server with a base of Mystery Raid itself.
However, the server itself will remain medium-rated, so the only actual difference is going to be in how fast you progress (and some of the "op" contents may not make it into the game).

A short pro/con list of that file replacement (and adjustment):


1. More reliability due less bugs / unexpected events etc.
2. More event possibilities, as there are far more adjusted areas in the game that can be used for them.
3. A notable increase of difficulty over time (separated early-mid-end game content).
4. ECoin currency can be gathered from specific aspects of the regular gameplay.
5. Faster progressing - without skipping too much from the start.
6. Edited useless dungeons (majority of them) - Volcanic Citadel, Lake in Dusk, and more.
7. Fully implemented sets up to Demonite.
8. A more rewarding Nation War.
9. 24/7 events allowing you to gather items that you wouldn't usually get (or at least not that easily).
10. The ratio of gathering Alz is MUCH higher (despite the rates).

1. No more Force Gunner/ Gladiator classes.
2. Adjusted early-game dungeons may confuse one or another at the beginning.

Overall, the goal is to keep the server different from Mystery Raid itself, while only taking the goods from it, into it.
Events will run simultanuously, updates may happen at the same time, too - yet they may differ at some point, still.

So the general differences between Mystery Raid, and it's medium-rate sibling, are:

1. Rates
2. Power limitations (no Soul Reaper, no crafted Earring of Defense, No crafted Argus'-/Sanctuary's Bracelet,...).
3. The only real donation based stuff is going to be Blessing Bead - Plus (and higher amounts of eCoin currency, ofcourse).

Thanks for reading, wishing a nice day/night!
~ XenoX
Not open for further replies.