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Staff Applications & Requirements


Staff member
Jan 24, 2018
Dear CNC'ers,
here you may apply for becoming part of CNC's Staff.
First of, there's a few things you should know about in advance (requirements):


-I myself require you to show activity not only within the game, but also in discord and preferably even in the forum.
-You should also have a Lv. 220 character, and be known to one or another of the players from the community (in a positive way, that is - make sure to name your main-character here).

Your Past

-I do not judge by what was done in the past, as long as it did not involve myself - get over it.
-We're a team, if anyone's in it for the drama against you, you'll always have a helping hand getting rid of it.

Personal Informations

-Do not share your private informations in a public place, unless you would not mind to have the community contact you privately eventually.
-I do not ask for your full name, just for the name you'd like to be called and that's about all there is to it, though, the age and country you live in would be nice to know.
-It would also be good to know about the languages you speak/write (no actual "speaking" needed).

Intentions & Reasoning
-Why would you like to join us, amongst all of the other servers?

-Is there any experience that you would benifit from, as a staff member?

Please do not post more than once, edit your post if anything is missing (option disabled during staff application "checks").