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[Upcoming] T-Point Gain/Shop & Blessing Bead - Plus

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Jan 24, 2018
Dear Mystery-Raiders,

the T-Point currency will become a 'premium currency' and have a few changes applied to it, as listed down below.

1. T-Point Gain
- Blessing Bead - Plus is required in order to receive any T-Points at all
- Blessing Bead - Plus can currently be found from Arcane Golem of Rage and Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (short duration)
- Blessing Bead - Plus can be purchased via donation & won from special events (pricing and general bonuses at the bottom of the topic)

2. T-Point Shops
- Together with the T-Point gain restriction, there will be various improvements, it is therefore highly recommended
to keep your T-Points from before, in order to purchase future items, if not planning to purchase the Blessing Bead - Plus
- Gear, Exchange Items, Event Items, Pets, Avatar & Weapon Skins, Usables may appear in the T-Point shop

Blessing Bead - Plus (Bonuses)

T-Point Gain Activated (Boosted in Nation War Channel)
50% Drop Rate Increase(*)
ALL Warehouse Pages Available
500% WExp Boost
50.000% Pet Exp Boost
27 Additional Auction House Slots
Auction House Stack Limit Raised To 256
Auction House Item Sell Duration + 30 Days
Pet Slot Extension Activates
No More Auction House Selling Fee

*Does not apply to chests & world bosses, also does not affect any of SoD's (Volcanic Citadel) drops!

Blessing Bead - Plus (Pricing)

BB+ (30 Days) + 2.500 eCoins = 25€
BB+ (60 Days) + 5.000 eCoins = 45€
BB+ (90 Days) + 20.000 eCoins = 60€
BB+ (365 Days) + 50.000 eCoins = 100€

Update to be expected at Monday, 8th of Oct 2018 - 12PM Server Time
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