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GM help me. I run cabalLancher, then Mshield run but after that, mshield disappear and dont lanche cabal client. help me please
Open the Options.CFG with Notepad/Editor, and change every "1" there to "0", save changes, close - restart the client.
Mercenaries are the future of PvE, but a solid set sure as hell has it's goods, too. - Demonite is coming.
Nobody's gonna stop this train from moving forward, many have doubted it, but here we are, growing again. ~Fuk 'em haters.
gm how can i restore craft transmuter and quest item rings like merga and tyrant ring unable to quest again because already been quested is there a way to restore that items ?
It may be a hard path to walk, but it's definitely worth it. Big improvements are coming, and nothing's gonna stop it.